How to Use Karmaloop Codes

1. When you are done shopping, click the Shopping Cart button at the upper right corner of your screen.

how to use karmaloop codes

2. Check what's in your cart, make any additions or changes needed, and then pick how you want to pay - with PayPal or a credit card. For this example, I will assume that you clicked on credit card.

how to use karmaloop codes

3. Next you will be on the Account Sign-in page. If you are a returning customer, sign in to your account on theon the left. If you don't have a Karmaloop account but want to register for one now, click the blue Create an Account button under the New Customers heading in the center. If you just want to buy your gear without dealing with any of this, click the blue Checkout as Guest button under the Guests heading at the right.

4. Next you will be on the Shipping Information: Step 1 of 2 page. If you signed into your existing account or registed for a new one, your shipping information will be pre-filled here. If you're a guest, type it in. Pick the shipping option that you want, and then click the blue Next button at the upper right corner of your screen.

how to use karmaloop codes

5. Next you will be on the Billing Information: Step 2 of 2 page. This page is where you enter your Karmaloop codes. Look at the bottom right corner of the Billing Information screen to find where you enter your Karmaloop codes. In the field that says Enter Rep Code, type in SR426 and then click the Apply button. A message confirming "Rep Code SR426 added" will then display below where you typed it in.

karmaloop coupon codes

You can then opt to stack Rep Code SR426 with a Promo Code - right now, the best deal is to use Karmaloop Rep Code SR426 by itself (don't add a promo code) if it is your first order with Karmaloop - this will give you 20% off your order. If it is not your first order on Karmaloop, rep code SR426 will give you 10% off your order.

Once you have applied your Karmaloop codes, you will see your discount displayed above where you entered them in the Discount Summary section.

karmaloop discount

6. Click that Next button one last time to review your order (and all of that cash you are saving!) on the next page, and then don't forget to hit Submit to place your order. You're done!